ICE and Local Law Enforcement Collaboration

Voice of San Diego: “Yes, We Need a Wall — Between Local Police and Federal Immigration Enforcement” June 8, 2017

LA Times: “Trump can’t force ‘sanctuary cities’ to enforce his deportation plans” Dec. 22, 2016

LA Times: “No ICE in L.A. County jails” May 19, 2015


Immigration Holds, the Priority Enforcement Program (PEP-Comm), and ICE: A Rogue Agency

California Immigrant Policy Center: “CA civil rights groups slam latest DHS deception” June 17, 2015

Baltimore Sun: “White House seeking support for deportations” May 11, 2015

Huffington Post: “Immigration Official Walks Back Support For Mandating That Police Hold Immigrants” March 19, 2015

Huffington Post: “ICE, What Part of Unconstitutional Do You Not Understand?” March 19, 2015


Operation Cross Check:

Colorlines: “ICE Raid Apprehends Hundreds of Immigrants With Misdemeanors” March 12, 2015

LA Times: “U.S. immigration officials announce 2,000 arrests in nationwide raids” March 9, 2015


ICE out of California Statewide Actions

Fox News Latino: “Activistas en California piden cumplimiento de la llamada Acta de Confianza” January 28. 2015

NBC San Diego: “Protests Against Immigration Policies Held Statewide” January 28, 2015


California TRUST Act News

Watch & share video of  City of Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard & Police Chief Phillip L. Sanchez  speak in favor of full implementation of the TRUST Act.


Harvard Law Review article on the TRUST Act

Congress members Sanders and Grijalva Demand Records Requested in Federal FOIA Lawsuit about Controversial Deportation Program
Press Release February 16, 2016

Civil Rights Orgs Celebrate the End of S-Comm, Caution Against the Replacement “PEP-Comm” Program:
Press Release November 20, 2014

ABC News (AP story): “Thousands Released After Immigration Holds Denied” October 17, 2014

Sacramento Bee: “California law enforcement detaining fewer undocumented immigrants” October 17, 2014

Record.Net: “Months later, San Joaquin County no longer enforcing ICE holds” June 9, 2014

SF Chronicle: “San Francisco jail: No more immigration holds” May 29, 2014

San Francisco Immigrant Rights Defense Committee Press Release: “SF immigrant coalition welcomes SF’s decision to end all unconstitutional ICE holds” May 29, 2014

ACLU San Diego: “Sheriff Gore Will No Longer Comply with ICE Immigration Holds” May 29, 2014

SF Gate: “Alameda County says no to Immigration Holds” May 21, 2014

Mercury News: “East Bay sheriffs to release immigrants held for feds” May 21, 2014

Oregonian: “Washington, Colorado counties join Oregon in no longer complying with immigration detainers” May 1, 2014

Press-Democrat: “Sheriff Steve Freitas moves to limit immigration detainers” May 11, 2014

Huffington Post: “Obama Faces Growing Rebellion Against The Secure Communities Deportation Program” April 24, 2014

Associated Press: “AP Exclusive: California immigrant holds drop” April 6, 2014

Radio Bilingüe: “TRUST Act reduces deportations in California by almost half”

KDTV/Univision SF: “New procedures in Alameda County”

Oakland Tribune/Contra Costa Times: “Alameda sheriff who sparred with immigrant advocates now champions their cause”

Bay City News: “Immigrant Rights Advocates Celebrate New Law Limiting Deportations” January 1, 2014


TRUTH Act News

Undocumented Immigrants Get First Due Process Law In The US

California impulsa proyecto de ley que dará mayor protección a inmigrantes

TRUTH Act Would Limit Police, Immigration Cooperation

TRUTH Act sails through committee after emotional testimony from families hurt by deportation

Bill will hold ICE accountable for deportation programs separating families

Legisladores trabajan para reforzar el Acta de Confianza

Insider: Law may limit deals between feds, California cities

The bill, which was approved by the Assembly's Public Safety Committee Tuesday, aims to ease concerns undocumented people have about interacting with the criminal justice system, said the bill’s author Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland.

Immigration bill calls for transparency in law enforcement

A bill would make it harder for law enforcement to collaborate with the federal government when dealing with undocumented immigrants

Unveiling of the TRUTH

Act Video of the Unveiling of the TRUTH Act Press Conference with Assemblymember Rob Bonta

​Rob Bonta Introduces Bill to Foster Transparency Between ICE and Local Jurisdictions

East Bay Express

A bill introduced on Friday and authored by Assemblymember Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, intends to make sure that secret agreements and communications between local police and ICE undergo public vetting and approval by elected officials in the state.

​CA State Assemblymember Rob Bonta Introduces the TRUTH Act

The Pacifica Evening News

Activistas acusan a inmigración de acuerdos a puerta cerrada